Summer Series: Love and Joy in People- Chester

This summer I wanted to do a photo series on people who I know and also don’t know very well. I didn’t just want to post photos anymore. I want people to get to know the people behind the pictures. So, I asked some people some questions to answer before I took their photo:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How/when did you accept Christ as your Savior?
  3. Do you have a place that you go to or have gone to be with the Lord? (quiet time)
  4. What person from the Bible are you most like?
  5. Where has God changed you in your life so far this year?

Here are Chester’s answers. Enjoy

Love and Joy Always.


1. I’m from Baltimore, MD
2. I first received Christ at a revival when I was 8 years old. I heard the word and it convicted me at a young age, I believed and received Christ as my Savior.
3. My quiet time is where ever I can get it. My car commuting to work or first thing in the morning in my office if it’s still quiet, or at home after I put the kids to bed. Where ever and when ever works for me.
4. It’s a hard question to answer, I find some of my life experiences are like David as he cries out to God, or like Jonah when I find that God is calling me to change but I have a hard time surrendering. I think that’s the great part about God’s word, depending on where you are in your walk each person is an example for correction on encouragement.
5. I think my walk this year has been about not shrinking back or getting comfortable but continuing to pursue God. In order for my Christian walk to be healthy and vibrant I can not be lazy. It’s not always easy but God gives us the grace and surrounds us with the body of believers to help us be accountable to what he’s called us to do and be. We can not live in solitude and secret but we must live in an open and sharing community to allow each of us to grow in our knowledge and experiences in him.
Chester is pictured with his son CJ.

Chester is pictured with his son CJ.


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