Summer Series: Love and Joy in People- Zaina

This summer I wanted to do a photo series on people who I know and also don’t know very well. I didn’t just want to post photos anymore. I want people to get to know the people behind the pictures. So, I asked some people some questions to answer before I took their photo:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How/when did you accept Christ as your Savior?
  3. Do you have a place that you go to or have gone to be with the Lord? (quiet time)
  4. What person from the Bible are you most like?
  5. Where has God changed you in your life so far this year?

Here are Zaina’s answers. Enjoy

Love and Joy Always.



1. For most of my life I was raised in Columbia, MD.

2. I was always a believer in God because I was brought up in the church; I have been at the same church for 21 years. I knew who Jesus was, I believed He was real, and I did not doubt that (throughout childhood). Some point in middle school (maybe 12 or 13 years old), I did a little self baptism thing. I accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. Life moved on, I grow up, things changed. I was officially baptized on February 16th of 2014.
3. I mainly spend quiet time in my room, on my bed. It’s pretty quiet in my house, so I have that luxury.
4. I could be like Samson. I love the story of Samson and we both have locs. Samson was born with a purpose. He had this incredible strength that was not made visible. Though he made a decision to marry Delilah that eventually brought him to his death, it was all apart of God’s plan for his life. I may be this petite, little princess diva to everyone from the outside, but there’s a fire on the inside that never dies. And like him, I have made decisions that seemed like it was the wrong way to go, but they were decisions that pointed me right back to Jesus.
5. Last year, God was renewing my mind, but this year I think He is working on my heart. I believe He wants to bring to the surface all the ugly – to show me things hidden that I couldn’t see on my own. This is so that my love for people is pure, genuine, and unconditional. So that I love people so much, I am willing to preach the good news to anyone despite how I feel or what I think, so that they may be saved!



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